Author of Just For You, Paperback Dreams, The Orange Hangover

Just For You is a story about love and the responsibilities that come with it. Rohit’s life has been going downhill and, to top this, Pooja has left him. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win her back and slowly gets his life back on track.

Summary of the Book

Life has been very hard on Rohit lately. He has trouble with his publishing deals, his job and his relationship. Also, Karun is still trying to do whatever he can to ruin Rohit’s reputation as a writer. His receives his real blow when Nisha leaves him. He must prove his love for her and do what it takes to win her back. He slowly starts to gain control of his life and things start to change for the better. Will Nisha see this and come back to him? This is a story about love and the responsibilities that come with it.

What are people saying

when I had almost given up on reading books from Indian authors as most of them are plain shit, I came across this book and I must say – this book has completely changed the way I used to think about India authors. This fresh and up-beat book is totally different than all the other ‘love stories’ that all the other authors are writing these days. It explores the nature of two kinds of relationships – one, that run on a physical connect and two, that run on an emotional connect and what happens when we take our loved one for grated. As the story revolves around the lives of 4 writers, it gives us a very realistic picture of the Indian publishing industry. I give this book two thumbs up. We need more books like these and more authors like Rahul Saini.

Dhruv KapoorGoodreads

The book “Just For you” is really a fun and refreshing read. Something very different from the tacky cliched teenager love stories we find these days. The book is technically a sequel to the previous book he wrote, “Paperback Dreams” but don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous one you can still read JFY and easily connect to it.

Ekta RGoodreads

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