Still a FAN?

After the declaration of ‘the best Bollywood movie after 3 Idiots’ and a jaw dropping IMDB rating of 9.0, I had my expectations high. The film started with a lot of promise. A die hard fan (literally) wants to meet the super star Aryan Khanna, ends up disappointed and dedicates his whole self to his […]


Worship the Queen?

After a long time I saw a film that blew my mind. I am still to figure out whether I liked the film so much because I was in a state of semi-depression or the film is exceptionally good but nonetheless, I loved the film. I saw the film a second time not only because […]


Thank God Even Crazy Dreams Come True!

There are some people for whom, we believe, we can only dream about. They seem so perfect and distant, just like God, that we feel that we can never really get in touch with them. But as strange as it may be, at times, such dreams come true and our mind is boggled with excitement […]